Services Provided By The Georgia Department Of Revenue

Services Provided By The Georgia Department Of Revenue

At the state level, the government consists of many different departments that all work together. One of the most important departments is the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR). This agency is responsible for a lot of different tasks. Here are some of the services that they provide:

1. License plate renewal. If your license plates expire, you can renew them online through the website of the DOR. All that you need is your address, your Internet renewal number, which is sent to you through the mail, and proof of insurance. Your vehicle also may need to undergo an emissions test to make sure that it falls within current emissions standards.

2. Individual income tax payments. When you pay state income tax, you pay it to the Department of Revenue. The process starts by filing your tax return with the DOR. If you owe any money, you then can submit your payment along with your tax form. Ideally, however, you should pay your state taxes throughout the year. In most cases, they are automatically deducted from your paycheck. If you are self-employed, however, you may need to make payments on your own to avoid owing a lot of money at the end of the year.

3. Business taxes. Businesses are also required to pay state taxes. The taxes handled by the Department of Revenue range from sales and use tax to corporate income tax and everything in between. Business-related tax topics can be quite complex. The DOR also has a lot of helpful information on their website that you can use to make sure that your business is in compliance. Other taxes that you may have to pay include alcohol and tobacco taxes, excise taxes, and motor fuel taxes.

4. Alcohol and tobacco licensing. If you are going to be manufacturing, distributing, or selling alcohol or tobacco, you need to be properly licensed. The licensing process is handled through the Department of Revenue. You can find a lot of different application forms online along with information on which forms may be required for your business.

These are some of the most popular services provided by the Georgia Department of Revenue. They also take care of a lot of other issues as well. You can learn more about everything that they do on their website. If you have any questions, they are also available by phone during normal business hours.

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